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Friday, August 31, 2007

Snakes of Sri Lanka - 7 - from the Friday newspaper

Snakes of Sri Lanka - 7

By Jayasri Jayakody

Blossom Krait (Balanophis ceylonensis) Mal Karawala
A beautiful snake with a lively scarlet colouration, the Blossom Krait has a brown dorsal stripe and thick black longtitudal stripes with a white underbelly. Its eyes are very large and it has a stout cylindrical body with a thick short tail.
A largely terrestrial snake seldom venturing onto trees, this snake is gentle and inoffensive making no attempt to bite even when harassed. If subjected to sudden shock will lie down and stretch itself revealing its scarlet colouration.

Little is known of its food. Probably feeds on small leaf litter fauna such as grubs, worms and slugs.
Very little is known about its reproductive habits. It is oviparous and lays around 2 to 4 eggs in a single clutch. The eggs are quite large for a small snake and measure 40mmx12mm.
Upon hatching the young measure 160mm. These hatchlings grow to a maximum length of around 460mm.
This rare and non venomous snake is endemic to Sri Lanka and is confined to rainforests of the Central Hills. It has been recorded from Peradeniya, Balangoda, Udugama, Yatiyantota and Uva.

Green Keelback (Macropisthodon plumbicolor) Palabariya

The colouration of the young varies considerably from that of the adults. The young are often greenish yellow or fawn in colour with prominent transverse black stripes. (Left) By the second year they often acquire their adult colouration with
a peculiar intermediate phase. (Right)

A small nearly uniformly green snake with occasional black spots, the Green Keelback has a rounded head and blunt snout with large nostrils and eyes.
This docile and inoffensive snake is active mainly by day and moves around by night. If roused it bluffs by spreading out its neck like a cobra and flees with the first opportunity.
Feeds mainly on frogs and may take lizards and other snakes.

This snake is oviparous. Breeding habits vary according to its range. In India mating takes place around December and the eggs are laid in March and April. In Sri Lanka gravid females are often captured in May and June. The gestation period is over 80 days. In Sri Lanka the eggs are laid in August and the clutch varies from 7 to 31. The eggs are laid during a period of over 3 days in captivity but may not be so in the wild. The incubation period for the eggs is not precisely known. The eggs are oval and measure 36mmx21mm.

Upon hatching neonates measure around 150mm. Maturity is reached at around 35cm. The average adult length is 60cm and the maximum length is 90cm. Females are longer and bulkier than the males.
This non venomous snake can be identified by its ability to erect its neck into a hood.
Commonly inhabits grassy areas and low vegetation. Occasionally found in the trees. Prefers green areas were its camouflage is most effective.
Found in India and Sri Lanka.

A fairly common snake in the forests of the central hills at an altitude from over 800-1800m, commonly recorded from Pallekalle, Balangoda, Badulla, Uva and Moragalla. It has also been recorded from Anuradhapura. It may venture down to the planes occasionally.

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