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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Snakes of Sri Lanka - 1

Snakes of Sri Lanka - 1 -From " Friday Newspaper"
By Jayasri Jayakody

Saw-Scaled Viper
(Echis carinatus) Weli Polonga


* Echis carinatus aliaborri
* Echis carinatus astolae
* Echis carinatus carinatus
* Echis carinatus sinhaleyus
* Echis carinatus sochureki
* Echis carinatus multisquamatus

This small venomous desert snake with highly polished scales has a short snout and rounded cheeks. Often light brown in colour with a lateral row of dark brown outlined mottles. It also has a dark brown dorsal stripe with light brown, fawn or buff coloured spots. Its colour may vary and specimens from sandy deserts have less contrast in their markings.

This snake is active by day but in desert areas may remain hidden by day and go hunting by night. Has a very nasty disposition and this species never hesitates to strike if roused. When suddenly roused the Saw-Scaled Viper coils back with lightning speed as an act of defiance. It is capable of delivering a lightning fast strike and regaining its position of defiance leaving its challenger perplexed. Never likes to be handled but once in captivity may go and coil up in a corner and remain oblivious to external stimuli but almost always turns vicious when attempted to handle.

Feeds mainly on mice, centipedes, lizards and scorpions. This snake is an opportunist and the prey is often first given a lethal dose of venom, let go and consumed once dead. However due to its small size this snake may be preyed upon by larger snakes such as Kraits and Sand Boas. Often it may unwittingly attack much larger prey such as desert rats and get the worse of it with the result often being fatal to the Viper.

Merrem’s Hump-Nosed Viper
(Hypnale hypnale) Kunakatuwa

A miniature venomous snake with a distinctly triangular head and brown colouration, its markings vary from dark brown mottles to black spots or transverse stripes
Diurnal and sluggish but very alert when hunting or roused.

Like many other snakes always attempts to avoid confrontation. Coils back with lightning speed if suddenly roused and remain so in order to deter its adversary but attacks without hesitation if molested. Remains coiled up and sluggish when captive.

Diet comprises mainly of mice, small rodents, frogs and lizards. The prey is stalked and killed with a lethal dose of venom, released and swallowed once dead.
Little is known about its breeding habits. It is viviparous and the brood varies from 4 to 10.
At birth neonates measure around 125mm.

These snakes become mature when over 30cm long and the maximum adult length is around 50cm. Females and males are of similar length but males have proportionately longer tails.Venom potent and could prove fatal. Therefore medical attention should be immediately sought.Prefers the leaf litter of dense forests. Often found in leaf litter near houses but rarely enters human dwellings.

Found in Southern India and Sri Lanka. Common throughout the island including Colombo, up to an altitude of over 800m. Rare in the hills and has been recorded at Kandy and Uva.

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