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Monday, August 27, 2007


Some unique world records

by Andrew Scott

Today many people throughout the world are using computers and it would be quite interesting to know about the fastest computer in the world. The NEC Earth Simulator at the Yokohama Institute of Earth Science in Japan is the fastest computer in the world. It carried out 35.6 trillion calculations per second.
There are rare human achievements throughout the world. For instance Dean Sheldon of the USA held a total of 21 scorpions in his mouth for 18 seconds. The longest duration of sitting in a glass cage of scorpions goes to Malena Hassan, the scorpion queen of Malaysia. She sat in a glass cage 130 feet square containing 2,000 live scorpions for thirty days. During the whole operation she was stung several times, but only twice quite seriously. In contrast to this record the credit of holding eight live rattlesnakes by their tales in his mouth goes to Jackie Bibby of the USA who held these snakes in his mouth for 12.5 seconds.
The Nobel Prize, awarded in memory of Alfred Nobel, is known throughout the world and the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner was Rigoberta Menchu Tum of Guatemala who was awarded same in 1922 at the comparatively young age of 33 years. She was the youngest prize winner ever to receive this coveted honour.

First female Prime Minister

The unique record of being the world’s first female Prime Minister goes to Sirimavo Bandaranaike who became our Prime Minister in July 1960 and functioned as Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister for a total of nearly 18 years.
People die and this is nature’s way and when they die it is customary to send condolences in various forms. The most condolences posted on the internet was on the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in September, 1997. It was an astounding total of 580,000 messages of condolences.
Sometimes people are trapped in lifts and the longest time a person was trapped in a lift was in December 1997. Kiveli Papioannou found herself trapped in her apartment block lift for six days while she was on her way back from a shopping trip. The 76 year old overcame dehydration and the cold by consuming the fruit, vegetables and bread that she had in her shopping bag. Not all people can walk on stilts, but the greatest distance ever walked on stilts is 3008 miles by John Bowen of the USA in 1980. The first ascent of Everest was considered one of the greatest human achievements at the time. However, the most conquest of Mt. Everest has been accomplished by Apa Sherpa of Nepal who has reached the summit of Mt. Everest 12 times.
The mere mention of the word bridesmaid has affectionate association with the young. However, it is interesting to note that the oldest bridesmaid, Flossie Bennett of the UK became a bridesmaid at the ripe old age of 97 years at the wedding of her friend. Hair forms an important component in the human body and having too much hair on the body can be disturbing. The hairiest individuals in the world are reported to be Victor and Gabriel Gomez of Mexico whose entire bodies, apart from their palms and soles are covered with a thick coat of hair. This is due to a rare disease called “werewolf syndrome” Today health conscious people throughout the world are deeply concerned about their blood sugar levels and it is quite surprising to note that the highest blood sugar level of 2350 while still conscious was maintained by a 12 year old American, Michael Dougherty. In the modern world kidney transplants are a common daily occurrence throughout the world and the earliest successful kidney transplant was performed by R.H Lawler in Chicago 54 years ago in 1950.
There are thousands of diseases that effect human beings and among them Leprosy has been described as the oldest disease. It has been mentioned in writings as far back as 1359 B.C
From time immemorial royal palaces have intrigued man and it is interesting to note that the most number of presidential palaces owned by Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq. He had 8 principal palaces and other minor residences throughout Iraq. In Babylon he has a palace where every brick was stamped with the words “the leader Saddam Hussein.” The smallest church in the world Santa Isabel in Spain, stands as a monument to the explorer Christopher Columbus. Mass is held in this church only on special occasions and it has a total floor area of only 21 square feet. It is reported that only one person can fit in to pray at a time. The most valuable object of art ever stolen is the Mona Lisa painting. It was lost from France in 1911 and was later discovered in 1913 in Florence.
One of the luckiest in legal history has been the survivor of the greatest number of legal hanging attempts, Joseph Samuel of Australia, a 22 year old who was sentenced to death for a murder in Sydney 1803. The first attempt at his execution failed when the hangman’s rope broke. Another attempt was made but this was also abandoned after the rope stretched so much that his feet touched the ground. At the third attempt the rope had broken again and later Samuel was reprieved.

First ball point pen

Today ball point pens are used throughout the world as it is one of the most convenient tools for writing. It was a Hungarian journalist, Biro, who invented the world’s first ball point in 1938, along with his brother, George. Later the ball point earned wide spread popularity throughout the literary world.
In the world of writing, the most valuable typewriter in the world was commissioned by Ian Fleming of UK, creator of James Bond, who commissioned a gold plated typewriter in 1952. It was made in USA at a cost of E 56,250 at an auction in London.
(Material drawn from “Guinness World Records”)

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