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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Instrument and messenger for world

Dada Lekhraj :

Instrument and messenger for world


January 18th is the remembrance day of a 'Mahathma', an elevated soul of the human dynasty. He was a man who was full of all virtues, full of divinity and wisdom. You only needed to have a glimpse of him to immediately be attracted by his spiritual charm. His eyes would pull you and without knowing, you would be merged in that vision of divine love and sweetness. One second was enough to make you accept that he was not an ordinary human being. There was something in his subtle smile filled with blissful satisfaction and contentment that filled your heart with joy and hope.

Dada Lekhraj

Dada Lekhraj was born in the year 1876 in Sindh India. He was a very famous jeweller of his time and he was highly regarded among the royal families, relatives, friends and villagers for his divinity, knowledge and spirituality. He was very loving and kind in nature and therefore everyone called him 'Dada' (Elder brother) with much love.

An urge from within, a divine inspiration pulled him to an inner withdrawal and intensive meditation. (He realised that time were changing and he was to participate in a task of great importance. In the beginning, nothing was clear till the moment of being bestowed visions of a future not so far from the present).

Godly knowledge

A series of trance experiences between 1936 and 1937 made him realise what he had to do. God, the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, had chosen him to play a leading role for the transformation of this dying world, to one which would be a pleasure to live in, for every single human being. A real paradise on earth. It took him no time to surrender his mind, body and wealth towards such a noble and desirable achievement.

In this world of sorrow, full of distress and peace less-ness God himself has selected Dada Lekhraj as his instrument to bring benefit to the whole world and then thereafter his name changed as father Brahma or Prajapitha Brahma (father of the humanity) lovingly called as Brahma Baba. Father Brahma attained all virtues from The Supreme by doing intense meditation and listening to and inculcating his Godly knowledge.

Powerful vibrations

Father Brahma was a living example to the world. He lived an ordinary life in a peaceful, royal manner. The teachings given by God made him more of a complete human soul, who can be said as a deity. He had the sparkle of purity and royalty abundantly. Because of that whoever went closer to him such as, kings, VIPs and ordinary people, were able to feel those extraordinary vibrations of power and royalty of purity. They felt they have achieved their meaning of life and were full of peace. They were able to get the feelings of real soul consciousness even without having a conversation with him. He was spreading such pure and powerful vibrations to the world.

Gradually his efforts led him towards a state beyond the effects of Karma. Remaining in equanimity in the face of praise and defamation, happiness and sorrow, victory and defeat - and through a powerful and constant link with the Supreme in a state of soul consciousness, he was able to burn away the seeds of actions sown in his many past births. As a detached observer Brahma Baba became more and more an image that granted visions to many, as a being of light, a perfect and complete being. Nearing his 93rd year of life, he had already achieved the goal of Raja Yoga teachings and that was visible in his outlook, words and actions. His part was again changing. Prajapitha Brahma the Father of Humanity left his physical body on January 18, 1969 to commence the next phase of his service to mankind.

Spiritual university

Father Brahma is the founder of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. This spiritual university was established in the year 1936 with the noble vision to bring benefit to all souls in this world by going beyond the limitations of religion, language, race, etc. The head office of this spiritual university is in Madhuban, Rajasthan, India. But this spiritual university has extended its services to most parts of this globe, in more than 130 countries including UK, America, France, Italy, German, Africa and more than 8,500 centres are currently delivering the spiritual knowledge given by the Supreme Soul daily. Barhma Kumaris has obtained global awards for its altruistic services.

All the teachings given by Brahma Kumaris are free of charge. The teachings given by Brahma Kumaris combine meditation and spiritual knowledge in a practical way to enable human beings to control their sense organs. And thereby enable their mind and intellects to experience Godly super sensuous joy. Therefore people can free themselves from the defects of five vices such as anger, lust, ego, attachment and greed; and become very loving in nature, full of happiness, full of inner peace and full of virtues, hence they will be able to lead a meaningful life. Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres worldwide observed a special day of meditation on January 18, 2011 in remembrance of the supreme Truth giving thanks to the service and life of such an inspiring personality.

- Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga centres, Sri Lanka

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