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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Want to change your profession?

Want to change your profession?

Maybe I should become a programmer? Maybe in theatre? Can I become a psychologist? Or an engineer? And also a chief accountant ... And personnel manager also sounds quite good ... and maybe ...

Here a stream of my close girlfriend's reflexions was interrupted by a phone call from her chief with the request to come to him. A girlfriend left, and I remained to reflect on what causes her desire to replace a profession so cardinally, and whether it is necessary to risk so, working on the speciality for several years.

To change or not to change - here is a question!

Motives which induce a person to change a profession and field of activity completely are numerous. However a principal cause is dissatisfaction. In similar situations we can always accurately formulate what does not arrange us on the given work at all, however intuitively we understand that it is necessary to be engaged in something.. Something that will bring bigger satisfaction, allow to receive more money or open new horizons for development and self-realisation. In certain cases we work as though by inertia, on a habit, and we go for work because we need, because we have received this speciality, because we've been working many years in one collective...

Meanwhile, a person whose career remains without changes for long time, risks to get stuck at this level for ever. Certainly, any modern woman would not like this to happen! We should develop, grow, aspire to new tops, submit them and go further! Sometimes it happens that it is necessary to take a detached view of your work to estimate a real state of affairs. So, let's begin.

Signs telling you can (and probably should) change your speciality:

- Absence of achievements in professional work;

- To a small salary which hardly suffices on necessity, and you would like to receive several times more;

- Your post remains former for a third year, duties - invariable, and the level of authority also has fallen asleep at one place;

- There is no interest to professional work, a necessity to earn money is a unique stimulus to go for work;

- Frequent illnesses: if you combine all sick-lists for a year, it will turn out more than a month. Most likely, diseases are somatic, thus an organism tries to protect us, brings out necessity to go for unloved work.

Here are some basic signs telling your profession can be changed and everyone will just win from it. If any of the named signs are reality reflexion, it is a serious occasion to reflect on work change.

I could become a pilot...

After understanding your present work is not a business of your life, there comes time to decide, what is a business of your life then? It is necessary to define with what profession to choose. In this question you should be very attentive and should not give up available work without that accurate understanding for the sake of what this work will leave for you.

First, it is necessary to estimate soberly possibilities, and already proceeding from it, choose a new employment. For example, if it would be desirable to work as a designer, but thus you've got only "three" on drawing and plotting and no successful drawing in the slightest degree in your active, it is better to refuse from such speciality and make this employment a hobby, instead of way of earnings.

Choosing a future profession is necessary to lean against your abilities and skills. For example, if there is a talent of belief, it is pleasant to communicate with people, you can choose a profession of sales manager. And in student's accounting was your favourite subject, it makes sense to reflect on a profession of a bookkeeper.

Secondly, having decided to change profession, it is not necessary to enter University on the chosen speciality at once, as in this case practical skills and experience are much more important. It is better to work as a trainee or assistant for the expert in the chosen area for some time, for the symbolical salary.Simultaneously you can be engaged in self-education on a theme or register in courses, if it is necessary.

Forward, to the employer! All meditations are behind, a new field of activity is chosen, now it is possible to be arranged for work. Here it is necessary to be ready for the fact that employers do not wait for a person who does not have experience in the field with open arms, therefore it is necessary to be prepared for an interview in advance .It is necessary to manage to explain an employer the reasons why this speciality has been chosen. It is important to show that you are the one who, despite minimum experience or its total absence, can cope with the duties assigned to it (here examples from life when it was necessary to carry out similar problems, and their performance was successful will help). Besides, an employer should be convinced that he receives a loyal employee, who is ready to be trained and work as much, as it is required from him and with full return.

It is very important to read specialised literature on the chosen profession, watch news in this area and visit specialised forums,then it is possible to gather a lot of useful practical information, and also penetrate into a theme more deeply. Besides, it will help a lot on interview with the employer, after all he will see before himself a person who is guided in the basic questions and interested in chosen activity.

Do not become a despair, if from the first you failed to get a job. It is important to analyse the reasons, correct errors , meet possible lack in knowledge and go on following interview or send resume to several companies. The main thing is a serious spirit and optimism, then everything will turn out necessarily!Instead of conclusion the girlfriend returned from a chief, shining with happiness. It appeared, he suggested her passing in other department and heading it! Now she is a head of large department, and thoughts on change of work do not come to her anymore.

Favourite interesting work, worthy salary and fine prospects of the further career growth. She found her work, and she's not going to change it.

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