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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Is the creator theory a possibility?

Is the creator theory a possibility?

It appears that some people are hell bent on believing in a ‘Creator’ theory. However, look at the improbabilities that weigh against such a belief.

America is truly a great and beautiful country. Yet, when terrorists attacked on September 11th so many innocent people perished. America has also been devastated by many hurricanes, thus the question of a loving God is being questioned by many.

Some believe that Satan is responsible for all the mayhem and calamities that take place in the world (earth quakes, tornadoes, mud slides, earth slips, volcanoes, and floods to name a few). It is also believed that Satan was an angel created by God who later fell from grace and is responsible for all the mayhem.

Then the paramount question arises as to why the God couldn't give the angel who fell from grace a non abusive free will?

And for that matter after the angel abused and became the devil, why did the all powerful God sacrifice his only son? I understand there are numerous theological explanations and interpretations to it.

The political West call certain countries Satanic or Evil, while those countries in return call the west satan. Who is right and who is wrong?

As for the free will supposed to have been given by the so called Omnipotent God, it is remarkable that Adolf Hitler was also given a free will to slaughter 30-35 million innocent human beings.One is also faced with the million dollar question why God created serpents to sting and kill humans? viruses to kill thousands of humans, germs to cause illnesses, mosquitoes to suck human blood! According to the Bible, God created man in his own form.

Darwinian scientists say that man evolved from a common ancestor -common to the apes and us, humans.

The Tsunami which devastated Sri Lanka along with several of its neighbours, took away the lives of thousands of innocent people. As a result, many families were torn apart. If one is to visit the Cancer hospital at Maharagama, there are little babies just a few months old suffering from cancer.

So is it not that the so called Almighty, Omnipotent all loving Creator God has neglected his subjects on earth in the process?

-A Mirror Reader

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