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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pornographic content extremely detrimental

Pornographic content extremely detrimental

The strip teaser dances in, and starts tripping around in the ring. In a bustle skirt, she looks cute, compact, and compelling.

As she moves about, she slowly undresses. And, the audience, a peculiar group of wanderers, goes wild with imagination. Eventually, stark naked, the dancer ceases to be the object of excitement.

Internet use is becoming widespread

Oh! If you wish to be the ballerina in the ring, you should know how to keep the monkeys guessing on and on. Always leave a peanut or two for their imagination!

Next, in sheer desperation, she bursts open her abdomen. And, the audience, horrified, retreats in quick succession. Even though her anatomy alienated the masses, it undeniably excited the intelligentsia.

Desmond Morris vividly portrayed the above scene in “Naked Ape,” one of his best sellers. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and many other anatomical artists saw no mystery about human surfaces. These great explorers deemed human anatomy as an art.

Art lives through human imagination, and imagination works wonders. For example, the arctic tern is considered to be a great adventurer. This wonderful bird tracks constellations light years away to adjust its path migrating across the equator, let alone Galileo, the telescope, and many other human endevours far away.

The microscope extends human intellectual horizons in the inward vision too. Visions inward or outward, certainly, science and art bear depths unfathomable.

Some argue pornography as an art too. Seemingly funny associations with too much flesh, and stopping just short of the skin, pornography simply invites an adventurer to examine as if there’s any bountiful sources or tantalising depths in scantily dressed women.

In real-life, and in unprepared minds, pornography unleashes a wave of excitement, but it rarely keeps the viewer guessing in the long run. As audiences become more sophisticated, interest in porn slowly declines.

Still, the human figure remains a primary focus for painters, sculptors, and, now, for photographers. However, the problem seems the amount of flesh the artist tends to reveal. It may either be a crude expression arousing sexual excitement, or a masterpiece humanising and rationalising audiences.

Hence the issue becomes not only sensitive, but also tricky and controversial. Pornography should be subjected to censorship, but it should be open for discussion before implementation.

What is obscenity or art?

What straddles the boundary between pornography and art? In actual fact, setting obscenity standards is really challenging, and it’s not just to spare the women of their blushes. Obscenity is a legal concept.

Criminal law limits obscenity to the forms that it considers detrimental to the society. A simple expression in Europe may turn out to be an extremely explicit portrayal of sex in Sri Lanka.

Many parents have been increasingly becoming worried of easily available pornographic content. Sri Lankan parents, rural or urbane, are still a culturally sensitive lot. They are of the view that properly set obscenity standards make life more meaningful and safer for younger generation.

Such counter measures and initiatives, even though not on popular demand, will be much appreciated by the masses in the long run. An ideological change takes affect slowly and steadily with less expense and without much burden on the economic efficiency.

Even though crucial to social advancement, the masses rarely feel things with a consequence when they are not tangible. And, the Government’s ambition to embed such policies is really praiseworthy, but if it fails to send the message to the masses, its efforts may be in vain.

That’s not for any political gain or cheap publicity, but empowerment of ideological gains make their lives more oriented and meaningful.

Similarly, as an ideological measure, the government banned smoking in public places two years ago. From the outset, it had been a welcome measure even among habitual smokers.

Certainly, it has changed the society and it will not be reversed by any sensible Government in future. Two years on, smoking still takes place in public in frequently, but the many have already given up the habit. And, the hard-core smokes less now. Even subsequent Governments are compelled to live with such ideologically driven changes.


The period between cradle and school is crucial in determining a child’s chances in life. And, the children have been the centerpiece of the incumbent Government’s election manifesto some years ago.

Even though not mentioned specifically, the ban of smoking and curtailing pornography seem the sharpest examples of how the Government intends to carry out its visions. Like smoking, pornography is also a menace that should be banned. In the same way, and in the long run, pornography will also be another habit ridden partially or completely.

Making things worse, online porn industry, worth some $5 billion annually, has been becoming one of the most thriving businesses over the internet. It doesn’t sit in the old-fashioned newspaper stand now.

Without argument, the portrayals are not only filthy, but also extremely detrimental. Any conscientious institution will never allow such content in the open. Governments all over the world strive hard to block access while porn merchants persist with their notorious websites.

Many nations, schools, libraries and offices are all up for blocking such websites completely. But how do they tag such notorious sites and block it? The responsibility lies with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a private sector enterprise that manages the domain name system. Several UN agencies have urged ICANN to approve a web suffix to identify such undesirable sites, but, so far, as a technical body, ICANN is not interested in others value judgments.

Internet pornographic content is extremely detrimental, and Sri Lankans, as many other culturally sensitive nations, bear an instinctive dislike for it. Even now, through your computer, and over the internet, such obscenity is just a mouse click away.

Like it or not, many parents shut down their home computers as a means of damage control. It really destructs the child’s education, but it’s a fierce struggle between the good and the evil.

In a landmark judgment, a French judge ordered Yahoo!, an internet portal, to restrict access to Nazi memorabilia from France, but, even though Yahoo! agreed, it was in vain.

A United Nations group has been attempting to take control of ICANN and put the internet on an intergovernmental basis, but it is still in vain. Many countries such as China, Cuba, Iran and Saudi Arabia have already created barriers to internet use, but considering the immense resources accessible over the network, such measures have not been welcomed overall.


Over the world, pornographic industry is condemned for its destructive behaviour. It has its own unsavoury effects against younger generation, and it’s no surprise that it seems extremely evil.

A fight is on over whether governments should manage the internet more closely, and many countries are dissatisfied with the way the internet’s technical standards are set. It’s high time for ICANN to share control over valuable internet protocols with nations of diverse commitments.

In an interview with Arthur C. Clarke, a presenter asked, “What sustains you? What keeps you going?” The legendry scientist responded, “Curiosity. What happens next? And why am I curious?

Is it genetic? Was it my upbringing?” Certainly, curiosity is what sustains us. And, you should bear a knack for paying attention to things skin deep too.

There is no need to be much squeamish of out own anatomy, but we must learn to accept the ultimatum, the soul.

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