"Star Lanka Online" Our NEW Web site And Web TV Channel Launched

TFGE , The Future Global Educational Center Has Launched
the official web site, called
*** Star Lanka Online Dot Com ........................

www.starlankaonline.com will be completed in very near future....

*** Star Lanka Online TV Channel,..................

Just One Click ahead ...

Now you can watch "Star Lanka Online TV" channel broadcasts from Matara, Sri Lanka in most part of the day. Still we are keeping a test transmission also. There is a link right side of your hand to watch our TV channel. You can watch (Click On the Box) live channel on this site without going to another site to watch the TV. and also recorded parts, following the below link.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Ahasa Nuba metharamm" >> Rumesh-Lakshan's song with new visual Hirthik Roshan and Kareena in..Wonderful Love Song

I've visualized this amazing love song "Ahasa Numba Metharamm" of Rumesh - Lakshan's first music album.Now all of can enjoy this song also If you like to download the original quality video use Rapidshare link below mentioned.

Download Here - Rapidshare

Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Child with cerebral palsy with a classroom assistant" border

Software 'gives children a voice'

Child with cerebral palsy with a classroom assistant
Pupils with communication problems have been testing the software

Scientists claim to have developed the first technology of its kind to allow children with communication problems to converse better.

'How was school today?' is software to help children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy communicate faster.

The system is the result of a project between computing scientists from the Universities of Aberdeen and Dundee, and Capability Scotland.

Pupils from Corseford School in Renfrewshire were first to trial it.

I was happy to take part in How was school today? It made me feel good about myself
Nicole Vallery
Corseford School pupil with cerebral palsy

Dr Ehud Reiter, from the University of Aberdeen's school of natural and computing sciences, said: "How was school today? uses sensors, swipe cards, and a recording device to gather information on what the child using the system has experienced at school that day.

"This can then be turned into a story by the computer - using what is called natural language generation - which the pupils can then share when they get home.

"The system is designed to support a more interactive narration, allowing children to easily talk about their school day and to quickly answer questions."

Rolf Black, from the University of Dundee's school of computing, said: "For a child with severe motor disabilities and limited or no speech, holding a conversation is often very difficult and limited to short one to two word answers.

"To tell a longer story a communication device is often needed to form sentences but this can be very time consuming, putting a lot of strain on holding and controlling the conversation."

'Talk easily'

Sue Williams, head teacher at Capability Scotland's Corseford School in Kilbarchan, said: "In the week we used the system we found it very useful to pupils, teachers, therapists and parents alike. It allows children to take control of the conversation without having to rely on help from us."

Child with cerebral palsy
Children said they enjoyed using the new software

Nicole Vallery and Rebecca Clelland were two of the pupils at Corseford to test the new software.

Nicole, 11, who has cerebral palsy, said: "I was happy to take part in How was school today? It made me feel good about myself."

Rebecca said: "It was something different, I enjoyed it."

Nicole's mother, Jan, said: "We really enjoyed using How was school today? and hearing Nicole's story.

"The programme enabled her to talk easily and answer questions quickly, prompting more interaction and giving us a very detailed insight into her day."

Plans are in place to examine how it could be used to support children with different levels and types of impairments.

The project was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Saturday, June 6, 2009

ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup 2009 Schedule


Schedule: ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup 2009

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
IndiaPakistanAustraliaNew Zealand
BangladeshEnglandSri LankaSouth Africa
IrelandNetherlandsWest IndiesScotland
Group EA1, B2, C1, D2Group FB1, A2, C2, D1

Friday, June 5
England vs NetherlandsLord'sMatch report | Scorecard | Images
Saturday, June 6
New Zealand vs ScotlandThe Oval14:30 IST
Australia vs West IndiesThe Oval18:30 IST
India vs BangladeshNottingham22:30 IST
Sunday, June 7
Scotland vs South AfricaThe Oval18:00 IST
England vs PakistanThe Oval22:00 IST
Monday, June 8
Bangladesh vs IrelandNottingham18:00 IST
Australia vs Sri LankaNottingham22:00 IST
Tuesday, June 9
Netherlands vs PakistanLord's18:00 IST
New Zealand vs South AfricaLord's22:00 IST
Wednesday, June 10
Sri Lanka vs West IndiesNottingham18:00 IST
India vs IrelandNottingham22:00 IST

Placement for the Super Eight stage is determined as follows:
The first two teams in each group are placed 1 or 2. They will retain this position for the Super Eight stage, irrespective of whether they finish first or second in their group, unless they are knocked out by the team 3 in their group. In this instance, team 3 replaces the position of the team they knock out.

Thursday, June 11
D1 v A2Nottingham18:00 IST
B2 v D2Nottingham22:00 IST
Friday, June 12
B1 v C2Lord's18:00 IST
A1 v C1Lord's22:00 IST
Saturday, June 13
C1 v D2The Oval18:00 IST
D1 v B1The Oval22:00 IST
Sunday, June 14
A2 v C2Lord's18:00 IST
A1 v B2Lord's22:00 IST
Monday, June 15
B1 v A2The Oval18:00 IST
B2 v C1The Oval22:00 IST
Tuesday, June 16
D1 v C2Nottingham18:00 IST
D2 v A1Nottingham22:00 IST

The teams finishing first and second in groups E and F, based on points obtained in the Super Eight stage will compete in the semi-finals
Thursday, June 18
E1 v F2, 1st Semi-FinalNottingham22:00 IST
Friday, June 19
F1 v E2, 2nd Semi-FinalThe Oval22:00 IST
Sunday, June 21
FinalLord's19:30 IST

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tironda Lal Egodage >> Heroes Welcome in Matara

Tironda Lal Egodage - One of the Army solder of Sri Lanka security forces has returned to the home town in Matara , Hittatiya after the Sri Lankan government victory over deadly LTTE terrorists who had killed thousands of innocent people of Tamil and Sinhala, even Rajeeve Ghandi, the Prime Minister of India, leaded by the worlds No.1 butcher Prabakaran.
Now the President of Sri Lanka Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksha is recognized as a world Hero for the entire history as he is able to end the 30 years old war in Sri Lanka.

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